Florida man lifts car to help pinned state trooper (VIDEO)

A Florida man is being called a hero after he lifted up a car to free a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was pinned beneath the wheel during a freak accident Thursday in Tampa.

Kenny Franklin requested an Uber driver to take him to work, but before he got to his destination, the driver had a seizure and lost control of the car on the highway.

“His foot is accelerating on the gas, and instantly, I’m in the back seat wondering, ‘Okay, my life is pretty much over at this point,’” Franklin said.

Franklin was eventually able to get the car to a safer area on the side of the road, but soon thereafter, the driver awakened in a panic from his unconscious state.

“He didn’t know where he was at, so he tried to put the car into a gear, and so he’s fumbling with the car,” said Franklin, who got out of the car once it was stopped.

Just about that same time, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Jack Hypes was approaching the vehicle in order to assess the situation and offer assistance, if needed. But Franklin said the Uber driver put the car in reverse and struck the officer, pinning him beneath the back wheel.

“Adrenaline was racing, your heart, you know, is going a million miles an hour, and all you’re thinking about at that time is this, this needs to end well,” Franklin said.

And, apparently, Franklin’s adrenaline was so pumped up that it gave him the strength to lift the car right off of the trooper and set him free.

The trooper suffered non-life threatening injuries and the driver is expected to be okay as well.

As for Franklin, he’s being called a hero, but he said he was simply in the right place at the right time.

[ Fox 13 ]

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