Alabama company’s ‘Merica special: Buy a roof, get a rifle (VIDEO)

A Decatur, Alabama-based, veteran-owned roofing company is offering a not so run-of-the-mill special: A free AR-15 with the installation of a new roof.

“Any red-blooded, right wing American, when they see that, it’s going to give them a little extra incentive,” Zach Blenkinsopp, owner of Digital Roofing Innovations, told

Blenkinsopp announced the special using a racy Independence Day ad, although Blenkinsopp said there’s currently no expiration date on the sale.

“Some of you might be sitting there saying, ‘Man, this sounds like a gimmick.’ A gimmick you say? Well, I’m a gosh darn Navy veteran, active duty eight and a half years. My roofing company’s not a gimmick and this baby’s not either,” Blenkinsopp said in the advertisement as he held an AR-15.

Of course, the company isn’t actually giving away rifles, but rather a $500 gift card to a local gun shop where customers can take their pick from a pistol, AR-15, or other rifle after completing all of the typical legalities.

The video advertisement, which was posted to the company’s Facebook page, has been viewed more than 204,000 times.

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