Coming soon: A coffee shop for gun lovers and veterans

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An innovative coffee company is looking to open a shop in Houston next year. Their target clientele? Gun lovers and veterans.

However, the veteran-owned Operator Coffee Co. has goals that reach a bit higher than simply serving up a great cup of joe.

Zack Weisenburger, owner of Operator Coffee Co., told Eater that he hopes the shop will serve as a place for veterans to socialize with one another and “reestablish bonds.”

“I personally have had some friends commit suicide over the last few years because they were dealing with PTSD and felt alone and disconnected after leaving the military,” Weisenberger said. “We want to give these men and women a place to go.”

Weisenburger said they are currently in the process of finding a suitable location in The Woodlands area of Houston, but also have plans to open a shop in Dallas in the summer of 2019 and San Antonio that fall.

“If you are tired of giving your money to liberal coffee corporations, join us a we launch a coffee shop centered around support for veterans, law enforcement, and the second amendment,” the company says on its website.

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