Garmin introduces wrist-mounted, tactical GPS navigators

(Photo: Garmin)

The wrist mounted Foretrex series boast GPS capabilities in addition to ballistic software with the 701 Ballistic Edition. (Photo: Garmin)

Garmin International announced new wrist-mounted GPS navigators for outdoor and tactical use Thursday, unveiling the Foretrex 601 and Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition.

Both models help users maintain their bearings nearly everywhere they trek due to the built-in GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite system support.

In addition to high-sensitivity GPS, the new Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition adds a layer of support for long range shooters with the Applied Ballistics Elite software designed to calculate aiming solutions. The solver includes the entire Applied Ballistics bullet library with a variety of parameters including wind, temperature, humidity, range and firing direction. The system also provides elevation holdover, windage, velocity and time of flight to allow for Extreme Long Range shooting.

When strapped to a shooter’s wrist, the user never has to take their eyes off their target downrange to check DOPE charts. With the added benefit of the dynamic Range Card feature, shooters can make quick adjustments based on environmental conditions, dialing in solutions to impact points downrange.

“With the Foretrex 601 and Foretrex 701, we were able to pack more features than ever before, including the addition of GLONASS and Galileo support into a very durable, but compact device,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “These Foretrex models help you keep your hands free while you focus on easily navigating the path ahead.”

The rugged and compact navigators feature a high-resolution 2-inch display. For tactical operations, the display offers NVG mode, allowing for use alongside night vision goggles. Connecting users on the go, both the 601 and 701 setups boast smart features such as email, texts and alerts on the devices.

The devices are compatible with Garmin’s exclusive QuickFit 26 bands as well as Nylon straps to customize the wearing experience.

The Foretrex 601 and 701 Ballistic Edition are expected to drop in August, with retail prices listed at $249.99 for the 601 and $599.99 for the 701 Ballistic Edition.

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