Plinking around with the Tippman M4 .22LR rifle (VIDEO)

Rimfire connoisseur 22Plinkster goes in-depth on Tippmann’s .22LR M4 clone and compares it to the more common Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle.

The biggest difference that the Tippmann offering brings to the table is that it uses both an aluminum upper and lower, whereas the S&W runs polymer downstairs. The (almost) mil-spec lower, as noted by ‘Plink, gives the Tippmann a better feel and puts it more in the training rifle category, especially with .22LR ammo now trending lower on the retail scale.

He runs it with and without optics, with bulk pack and match ammo (that group, though) out to 100 yards, and adds a can for effect.

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