Trojan Firearms introduces new 9mm PRO9V1 rifles

The PRO-V91 boasts a unique color and 9mm chambering. (Photo: Trojan Firearms)

The PRO9V1 boasts a unique color and 9mm chambering. (Photo: Trojan Firearms)

Trojan Firearms announced its latest series of AR carbines, introducing the new PRO9V1 lineup offered in 9mm.

Though some rifles can be converted into pistol carbines, Trojan Firearms said in a statement that the setup is “specifically designed a pistol caliber carbine from the ground up for superior reliability, whilst still retaining the handling of the standard AR platform.”

The Arizona based company said that special attention was paid to the engineering process in order to improve common issues associated with 9mm carbine blow back gas systems.

The PRO9V1-M accepts STI 2011 mags. (Photo: Trojan Firearms)

The PRO9V1-M accepts 9mm MBX/STI 2011 mags. (Photo: Trojan Firearms)

All rifles are CNC machines using high-grade aircraft billet aluminum in the lower, upper and hand rail. Additionally, the lower boasts Teflon coated springs and detent pins as well as an enhanced flared mag well.

Fitted with a 16-inch Nitride finished barrel, the rifles offer a Grater Gen II 9mm tunable muzzle brake.

The series currently hosts two models — the PRO9V1-G, MSRP of $1,399, and the PRO9V1-M, priced at $1,449.99. The PRO9V1-G is compatible with 9mm Glock magazines while the M version works alongside 9mm MBX/STI 2011 mags. The PRO9V1-G is also available in a California 2017 compliant version for consumers living in the restricted state.

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