Boys, 6 to 8 years old, suspects in armed robbery (VIDEO)

Two suspects who are wanted for an armed robbery in Chicago last month are believed to be children, just six- to eight- years old.

The robbery was one of several that occurred around the same area last month, nine in less than one week, although authorities do not necessarily believe they are related.

The victim said he was approached by the boys on June 28. One of the boys pulled out a silver handgun and demanded money.

“People just need to take control of their kids, get them out of this environment, cause this town’s, this city’s really messed up,” said area resident, Taeonnee Woods.

The recent rash of robberies has caused concern with some area residents and even prompted police to issue a neighborhood alert.

Homeowner Devi Gandhi believes the increase in crime is a result of the neighborhood police station being shut down.

[ ABC 7 ]

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