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Frank L. DeSomma, (left) president of Patriot Ordnance Factory, photographed with his son Cody at the POF-USA factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Frank sports a POF-USA 10.5″ full-auto P416 in .223/5.56X45 firepower. It weighs 7 lbs and has an ambi-controlled lower with E-Squared chamber feature. Cody sports a POF-USA 12.5″ full-auto P308 in .308/7.62X51 firepower. It weighs 8.25 lbs and has an ambi-controlled lower with E-Squared chamber feature. (Photo: Ben Philippi)

Patriot Ordnance Factory is arguably one of the most patriotic firearm manufacturers in America. Since 2002, Frank DeSomma and his son Cody have been building “finely tuned fighting machines.” As a result of their hard work, innovation and passion, they’re moving into a brand-new, bigger factory this fall.

Our Constitution is the bedrock foundation that guarantees our individual right of choice. Freedom!

Our 2nd Amendment was never about the right to hunt as today’s ignorant politicians want us to believe. This right was written into the Constitution to ensure that We the People always have the right and means to defend and fight against tyranny. Today’s political leaders are aware of this but would rather be our dictators telling We the People what we can and can’t do. This is the essence of why the Second Amendment is a right of the people to exist.

The Constitution, our Bill of Rights, is the reasons why we are all free in America. This is why people from around the world travel to be part of this great nation to live free. No other nation in the world offers the freedoms we have in America. Our forefathers were brilliant men, who put freedoms and liberties of the people and for the people in these critical documents. Our individual freedoms and liberties are the essence of why America is the greatest nation in the world.

Show me one nation or society that advanced mankind like the USA did in less than two hundred and fifty years of existence. There isn’t any. China, the Middle East, Africa are societies that have been around for thousands of years. They never achieved what the USA did in less than 250 years of existence, because there is no freedom of the people in their societies. Freedom is the reason America is great.

Our individual right of choice allows all in America to pursue their dreams! I’m thankful to have been born in a country that is free, and thankful and will always remember the men and women who sacrificed everything including their lives in the protection of our freedoms. If it was not for these freedoms I would have never chased my dreams and aspirations.  My duty to my countrymen is to ensure that the freedoms they fought for don’t perish. To my dying breathe I will preach and promote to our young the greatness of our country, our freedoms, our Constitution and Bill of Rights that guarantee their individual rights. To my dying breathe I will defend my country, our freedoms, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So live strong, live free, and chase your dreams. Don’t let life go by doing nothing. Go chase your dreams and live life to its full potential.

God Bless America! – Frank L. DeSomma

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