Making smoke with a 20 gauge Howdah SXS pistol (VIDEO)

Hickok45 goes black powder with one of Italian repro masters Davide Pedersoli & Co’s giant Howdah twin-barrel pistols.

Stoking the fire-breathing hand cannon with a mix of various sized shot and Goex powder, the Howdah is an homage to the days of colonial British gentlemen and officers spread out across India and Africa. Designed in the 1800s, the gun was meant for last-ditch defense against a charging tiger, but could take out a couple of the Mahdi’s men or Khyber Pass bandits poking around camp if needed.

And the beauty is that NFA restrictions don’t apply to black powder stuff.

It’s refreshing to see one of these neat reproductions surface on Hickok’s line and, notably, it’s one of his personal hog legs and not a review submission.

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