Former Mafia mansion on sale for a mere $8.9M (VIDEO)

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mafia mansion

A Florida mansion once occupied by a member of the Mafia is up for sale.

The price tag for the 9,100-square feet, nine bedroom, 10 bath home on Osprey’s Casey Key Road? A mere $8.9 million. However, the home has been listed on Zillow for just over two months, so the seller may be willing to negotiate a bit.

According to local reports, the home was once occupied by Joseph “Joe The German” Watts. He never officially owned the house, but authorities say there is no doubt it was his.

“Joe Watts was one of the most significant Mafia figures in New York City,” said Scott Deitche, an author who is well-versed in Mafia history. “He wasn’t Italian, so he couldn’t be made, but he rose up through the ranks of the Gambino family and became one of John Gotti’s most trusted confidants.”

In fact, Watts was said to have delivered a message to Frank Sinatra after he snubbed Gotti.

“Joe Watts allegedly told Frank Sinatra and his friend, Jilly Rizzo, that if he ever refused Gotti again, he would be the last face he ever saw,” Deitche said the story goes.

Prosecutors believe additions were made to the mansion, which was originally built in 1977, in an effort to filter some $2 million in loan-sharking profits out of New York. Watts is said to have loved the mansion, but he currently resides in prison after being convicted of murder conspiracy.

[ Fox 13 ]

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