The big loop Henry Big Boy in .357 looks as good as it shoots (VIDEO)

Eric and Chad with IV8888 do an extensive review on the Henry Big Boy Carbine, a handy little cowboy action brush gun that looks pretty, and shoots pretty sweet.

Featuring a 16.5-inch octagon blued steel barrel, the carbine only goes 35-inches overall, or about the length of a Ruger Mini-14 or classic M1 Carbine. While Henry makes these guns in .44 Mag/Spl, .45 Colt, .327 Fed Mag and .41 Mag, the specimen Eric is using is in .357/.38Spl. The tubular under barrel mag holds seven rounds, which he unloads on steel, pop, and melons almost as fast as an M1.

As for the looks?

“The brass frame definitely adds a beauty appeal to it– makes it really classy looking– just a wonderful rifle,” says Eric.

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