Body cam footage shows North Carolina officer involved shooting that left mentally ill man dead (VIDEO)

Body cam footage released Monday shows a confrontation between two police officers and a mentally ill man outside of a Charlotte home that ended with fatal shots fired.

Iaroslav Mosiiuk died earlier this year from a single gunshot wound to the back. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brian Walsh, who fired the shot, was cleared of any charges for the March 8 shooting.

Officers were responding to a call from the man’s sister, Olesya Tabaka, who told the dispatcher that she believed he was having some sort of mental breakdown.

Soon after officers arrived on the scene, Mosiiuk was seen holding a rifle. Tabaka yelled at the responding officers not to shoot and said Mosiiuk’s rifle didn’t “have the part.”

It wasn’t until later that officers realized the bolt-action rifle was inoperable because it was missing the bolt. District Attorney R. Andrew Murray noted that, given the circumstances at the time of the shooting, it was impossible for Walsh to know the firearm held by Mosiiuk wasn’t functional.

[ Associated Press ]

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