Nailing the 1760-yard Milk Jug Challenge on the 3rd shot (VIDEO)

The guys at Long Range Shooters of Utah have an open challenge to those who can peg a milk jug with a precision rifle at one mile out, and Jim Mehl just pulled it off.

Rules for the challenge at LRSU are that each shooter has a maximum of 10 shots within 10 minutes and can attempt it three times in 24 hours. The distance is verified by laser rangefinder and GPS and is witnessed and officiated by LSRU.

With that being said, using a custom .300 Remington Ultra Mag, Jim Mehl of Yorba Linda, California managed to blow out the jug during his first attempt on his third round, which, if you have never shot out to a mile, is pretty legit.

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Mehl’s rifle uses a Defiance action with a jeweled trigger and Bartlein barrel equipped with a Terminator brake set into a McMillan stock. He used Nightforce ATACR glass on Seekins rings and was shooting a hand loaded Hornady ELD-M bullet over Alliant Reloader 33 powder.

The prize? A sticker and a $100 gift cert.

But it’s a hard sticker to get.

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