Victim runs over suspect during Facebook Marketplace robbery gone wrong (VIDEO)

Authorities are investigating an armed robbery in Grand Rapids, which came under the guise of a Facebook Marketplace transaction, ended with shots fired and one of the suspects run over by the angry victim. The victim met with the two suspects around 9 p.m. on Monday to buy a car, but instead of selling it, the two suspects pulled a gun and demanded money.

After the suspects collected cash and started to leave, the victim got in his vehicle and followed . In response, one suspect opened fire on the victim, but missed. At that point, the victim ran over the gunman, causing him to drop his gun. The second suspect ran away and then a third suspect, described as a juvenile who was not present during the robbery, picked up the gun before running away.

By this time, police had arrived and a foot chase with the armed juvenile ensued. As the young man ran, he threw the gun, which fired when it hit the ground. Officers eventually caught up with him and arrested him for failing to stop for an officer and having a concealed weapon.

The suspect who was hit by the car was apprehended and charged with armed robbery and felonious assault. The second suspect, who is said to be armed, remains at large. It’s unclear if the victim got his money back.

[ Fox 17 ]

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