Dispatches from gun country: Keep on plinking

David Carson, AKA 22 Plinkster, photographed in Locust Grove, Georgia sporting a pair of Colt Woodsmans 6-inch targets. (Photo: Ben Philippi)

David Carson, AKA 22 Plinkster, has developed a large following for his uncanny accuracy skills shooting .22 caliber pistols and rifles. He is a great example of how much fun shooting can be.

I started shooting when I was 5. I can still remember the smell of Hoppe’s 9 gun oil as I put my dad’s Weatherby .22lr stock to my cheek. The target was a golf ball 75 feet away. I can still recall the golf ball flying through the air and resting back to earth 20 feet away from its previous spot. From then on, I was hooked on shooting.

As a child, I spent many days after school honing my shooting skills on squirrels and rabbits. Guns were not looked down upon. They were a tool used for hunting, recreational shooting and personal defense.

It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I discovered my talent. I have a gift – a gift that allows me to put my bullet EXACTLY where I want it to go. Do I miss? You betcha. But don’t we all at one time or another?

Be safe and keep plinking.

Read more perspectives on America’s gun culture in Ben Philippi’s book “We The People.”

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