Florida man charged for phoning 911 98 times in a single day (VIDEO)

A man from Clearwater, Florida, had charges for harassing phone calls added to his rap sheet last week after he called 911 a total of 98 times in six hours.

Authorities say Michael Mott did not have an emergency, but rather was angry that money confiscated during a January drug bust was not returned to him.

Around 700 calls came into the communications center for the entire month of June, so nearly 100 in six hours was a little more than excessive. Tracy Squitieri, police communications manager, said Mott’s calls came in back-to-back, and although Mott’s calls were filled with “nonsense,” Squitieri noted every single call had to be answered and treated as an emergency until they learned otherwise. There was concern that Mott could be tying up the phone lines and delaying calls for actual emergencies.

Authorities said Mott even called the police chief’s phone and harassed the person at the other end of the line. He also used at least two phones to make the calls and, in fact, placed at least two additional 911 calls after officers arrived at his home to inquire about the excessive number of calls.

“They’re trained to juggle a lot,” CPD public information officer, Rob Shaw, said of the 911 operators, “But what they don’t really want to do is have to deal with a person who thinks a communication center phone line is a toy.”

[ Fox 13 ]

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