Looking back at the classic Ruger Speed-Six revolver (VIDEO)

The Speed-Six was Ruger’s 1970s answer to the Colt Detective Special and Smith’s Chief’s Special and proved popular until replaced by the now-current SP101.

The series that included the Security-Six, Speed-Six, and Police Service-Six were made in about a 15 years period chambered in .357/38. .38 S&W and 9mm (with moon clips) between 1972-88 with well over 1 million examples produced.

In the above video from American Rifleman, the Speed-Six, with its one-piece frame, fixed sights and round-butt grip, is profiled in depth.

“To this day the people who own these guns and keep these guns for concealed carry or home defense guns like them and don’t tend to give them up,” says American Rifleman editor Brian Sheetz.

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