Magpul now shipping PMAG Gen M3s in .300 BLK (VIDEO)

The polymer mag company announced Tuesday they are shipping their new .300 Blackout PMAGs built with input from “certain professional customers with very specific needs.”

While at first, you may think these are just standard Gen M3 PMAGs rebranded for BLK, Magpul points out in the above infor-deo that the dedicated mag has both external and internal differences.

On the outside, there are tactile differences from the standard 5.56mm mags including a smooth upper-half and a distinctive rib design on the magazine’s body, so that you can feel by touch that you have a .300 mag even before you see the black non-tilt follower (5.56mm followers from the company are typically gray).

On the inside, these true 30-rounders are designed with a slightly different internal geometry to generate a proper “stack” for the Black’s more complicated bullet profiles, which should be a hit with reloaders.

MSRP is $15.95.

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