Vista board approves $800k salary for interim CEO

Michael Callahan, Interim Chairman and CEO, Vista Outdoor. (Photo: Vista)

Michael Callahan, Interim Chairman and CEO, Vista Outdoor. (Photo: Vista)

Vista Outdoor Interim chief executive officer Michael Callahan will rake in an annual salary of $800,000 while filling in for former boss Mark DeYoung, according to recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

DeYoung announced an early retirement July 10 from the company he helped shape after its split from Alliant Techsystems two years ago, citing a desire to “move onto the next phase of his life.”

“Vista Outdoor is the culmination of a vision focused on creating a world-leading outdoor recreation company,” he said. “It has been a rewarding experience to have led this great company and seen the organization evolve and succeed. I am proud of Vista Outdoor’s people, brands, portfolio and products, and I am confident in Vista Outdoor’s future. I wish the Company’s valued employees and customers all the best.”

Vista’s board of directors elected Callahan, the company’s lead independent director, to assume DeYoung’s position while conducting a search for a permanent replacement.

“Vista Outdoor is well positioned to capitalize on the significant growth opportunities in the outdoor recreation industry, and the Board and I are excited about our future,” he said earlier this month.

According to a SEC filing dated July 14, Callahan will collect an $800,000 annual salary, a $400,000 bonus and stock holdings worth $110,000. He will remain on the board of directors, however, will no longer collect compensation for his role.

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