Cleveland mayor’s grandson indicted on gun charges (VIDEO)

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s grandson was indicted by a grand jury Friday on weapons charges. reported Frank Jackson Jr. caught two fourth-degree felony gun charges, one for carrying a concealed firearm and another for improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.

The charges stem from a June 9 traffic stop in which Jackson was the passenger of a truck that was stopped for blocking traffic. Officers allegedly found a .40-caliber bullet and evidence of marijuana on the vehicle floor where Jackson had been sitting. Jackson also told the officers he had a gun magazine in his pocket.

Jackson’s arraignment is set for Aug. 4 in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas court. The driver, who was 17 years old, received weapons charges in juvenile court.

Mayor Jackson has a history of advocating for strict gun laws in Cleveland, and this spring said the “availability of guns” had played a key role in the city’s problem with shootings. He was especially critical of the fact that so many juveniles had access to guns in the city.

In a recent statement, the mayor said his grandson’s arrest was “deeply personal and painful.”

“Frank is my grandson and as any parent or grandparent who has raised children in a challenging environment knows, there is a constant worry about their wellbeing,” the mayor said.

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