Husband of the year fishes wife’s gun from portable toilet (VIDEO)

An Alaska man won his wife’s affection after retrieving the handgun she dropped in the worst place imaginable: Inside the toilet of a PortaPotty.

According to the description accompanying the disgusting video, the woman is a photographer who was “in the wilderness” taking wedding photos before the incident transpired. After finishing up the photo shoot, the woman needed to go potty. With her home an hour and a half away, she decided to pop into a nearby portable toilet.

“I ran in quickly without thinking about it, and my gun clip did not hold properly. I felt a ‘whoosh’ of air and realized that my Ruger had fallen into the abyss of the outhouse,” she recalled.

The unfortunate fall happened around midnight, so – as if the story couldn’t get any worse – she decided to leave it there overnight and have her husband come “fish” it out the following morning.

In a stroke of genius – or perhaps bad luck – the woman’s husband fashioned a big magnet to the end of a piece of lumber in order to retrieve the gun. The man’s friend, who appears to be rather amused, filmed the event as the husband reluctantly went to work.

Within seconds of placing the wooden contraption into the toilet, he pulls it back up.

“That’s not it, that’s a turd,” the man’s friend says, moments before the fishing hubby starts to gag, trying vehemently to hold back vomit.

But as it turned out, that turd was, in fact, his wife’s Ruger.

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