Say you have a ReX Zero 1 CP and you want to see how it shoots (VIDEO)

Hickok45 fills his hands with a compact version of the Arex ReX Zero 1 and checks out what all the hubbub is about when it comes to the import double stack.

Featuring a nitrocarburized steel slide made from solid bar stock and a T7075 aluminum frame, the Slovenian-made Rex Zero with its very similar Sig P-series styling is fast becoming popular on the handgun market.

Billed as having an expected service life that exceeds 30,000 rounds, it has an action that can be “cocked & locked” or de-cocked for DA/SA operation. Unlike the Sig, it has an external safety that operates in either configuration and some ambi controls. The 15+1 capacity pistol has a 3.85-inch barrel, making it in the same envelope as the P-229R series, but with a lower MSRP.

‘Hick goes over 30 minutes in the above on the gun’s features while emptying and refilling mags on the fly, making this a “must watch” if you are curious about one of these.

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