Shooting the rare and weird Chinese CF98 service pistol (VIDEO)

Larry Vickers laid hands on a 9mm semi-auto not often found on U.S. shores, the Norinco-made export version of the polymer-framed QSZ-92 military handgun.

Known as the Type 92 in the People’s Liberation Army, the short recoil, locked-breech pistol is used in very interesting 5.8x21mm bottleneck chamberings in China as well as regular old 9mm Para and has been in service since the 1990s. While not as exotic, the plain vanilla CF98 is made specifically for export with the “98” being the year it was designed.

It holds 15 rounds in the dual stack/dual-feed mag, which is another kinda interesting idea. Overall, it borrows a lot of stuff from everything from the 1911 to the Beretta PX4 and old-school Makarov PM.

Solidly weird score for LAV.

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