AutoGlove: It's a glove that makes your gun simulate full-auto (VIDEO)

“I want a plunger-activated electric motorized trigger finger” — said no one ever. Or did they?

Designed as a “trigger actuation device” that does not permanently attach to a gun, the AutoGlove is fully contained in the glove and, using a battery pack that attaches to the waist or forearm (not making this up) will mechanically manipulate the trigger at variable speeds to include single, three-round, or continuous fire at rates past 1,000 rounds per minute. In the above video, you see it put to use and the idea man behind the project points out that it’s “not too bulky.”

“The idea is not to thumb our nose at the Federal Government, our intent is to comply with the existing laws and make an accessory that can be used on firearms (since our product was submitted for patent for various products to include firearms) and create a fun experience for the shooter,” says the company’s FAQ page.

First run production to begin in September with a 30 day lead time on orders expected.

MSRP? $349.99 (!) but early buyers can get a fiddy knocked off of that figure.

Would you like to know more about all the joys of bump fire without the bump?

Take it away, AutoGlove, take it away:

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