Vepr-12 full-auto shotgun crowd pleaser at demo shoot (VIDEO)

Jared LaMarche, of Windsor Arms Co., appeared at the Green Mountain Boys machine gun shoot with a Vepr-12 shotgun that they turned into a machine gun.

As a Class 3 dealer, Windsor Arms, of Windsor, Vermont, modified its Vepr-12 to fire at around 800 rounds per minute. It was a big crowd-pleaser at the machine gun shoot in Eden, Vermont, on July 14-15. The gun had enough recoil to practically knock first-time shooters off their feet, but always left them with a big smile across their face.

According to LaMarche, the Vepr-12 is the best Kalashnikov-style shotgun on the market. Produced by Molot-Oruzhie Ltd in Russia, it’s a multipurpose semi-automatic detachable-magazine shotgun.

Although patterned on the Kalashnikov rifle, the Vepr-12 is built around the heavier RPK light machine gun receiver. The extractor port has been lengthened, the stamped steel receiver is much thicker than that of an AK-47 rifle, and the gun also incorporates a unique safety catch and bolt release mechanism.

The Vepr-12 was conceived for the Russian military and law enforcement market, with civilian applications ranging from hunting to self-defense and competition use. Unfortunately, due to sanctions with Russia, Vepr’s are no longer are allowed to be imported into USA. As a result, prices have jumped from around $800 to well over $1000.

If you can get your hands on one, LaMarche thinks you’re getting an awesome gun. Excellent reliability can be achieved with good ammo and magazines.

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