Armed with shotgun, shovel, 72-year-old woman takes on 11 copperheads (VIDEO)

After finding nearly a dozen copperheads under her home in Lequire, Oklahoma, last week, a 72-year-old woman handled the venomous villains like a boss with the aide of her shotgun and a shovel.

Sometime after Mrs. Newby killed the snakes, her neighbor, Susan Thompson, happened to stop by and was more than impressed with what the elderly woman had done. Thompson snapped a photo and posted the story on Facebook.

“Mrs. Newby killed 11 copperheads last night at her house,” Thompson captioned the photo. “She’s a snake killer. If you need help call her.”

And apparently, according to Newby’s family, she also killed a five and a half foot western diamondback last month. Snake killer indeed.

[ News on 6 ]

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