North Dakota constitutional carry law still prohibits loaded guns in vehicles

The North Dakota constitutional carry law set to take effect Tuesday will still prohibit gun owners without concealed carry permits from transporting loaded guns in their vehicles.

KVRR reported that under the new law, which will allow lawful citizens to carry concealed firearms without having to obtain a permit, gun owners without permits will only be able to possess unloaded firearms in their vehicles. If found transporting a loaded gun in a vehicle, permitless gun owners could be charged with a class B misdemeanor.

North Dakota Rep. Rick Becker told KVRR that lawmakers would most likely try to rectify the oversight in the coming legislative session.

“Despite having a lot of eyes on it… It was simply overlooked to change the very tiny section that deals with carry and loaded in a vehicle,” Becker explained. “The aspect about the vehicles could very well have been and should have been included in the law. It’s a minor oversight because what we wanted to do was to provide consistency.”

Gun owners with concealed carry permits, law enforcement officers, and members of the armed forces can still possess loaded guns in their vehicles.

Under the new law, guns will still be banned from federal buildings, schools and bars. North Dakota state and federal parks will now allow guns, as will some restaurants.

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