Houston charity donates nearly $100k so vets can attend PTSD camp for free


A giant check worth $94,500 is presented at Camp Hope in Houston over the weekend. (Photo: KPRC)

Several veterans in Houston will get to go to a PTSD camp with their families for free after a charity donated more nearly $100,000 last week.

A group of bikers put on the last round of fundraising for the Bigass Crawfish Bash Foundation over the weekend, according to KPRC.

The fundraiser culminated in a barbecue lunch Saturday at Camp Hope, the interim housing facility for veterans who spend six months getting treatment.

“They helped me to get sober,” said Zack Alexander. “They helped me to realize all the issues I had that I didn’t know I had.”

The charity started three years ago with a crawfish boil. They raised $5,000 the first year, $50,000 the second, and this year: $94,500.

“It basically allows us to not charge anybody a dime for our services,” said David Maulsby, the executive director of Camp Hope.

Alexander, who served in Iraq, said the camp saves lives.

“There are a few places we wind up, in jail, in a coffin or in the streets,” said Alexander. “If it wasn’t for Camp Hope, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“They are the real heroes,” said Quentin Severin, a co-founder of the charity. “They have saved lives and saved families.”

On top of the donation, the charity also set a world record, boiling more than 58,000 pounds of crawfish at this year’s boil.

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