Musician, camera crew robbed at gunpoint while making rap video in Oakland (VIDEO)

In a video shared to Facebook last week, a Bay Area musician shared a recent experience in which he and his camera crew were robbed at gunpoint while filming a rap video in Oakland.

According to the musician known as Zion I, they were filming the video for “Calm Down” on July 10 when someone approached them, held a gun to the cameraman’s head, and took off with some $90,000 worth of equipment.

“It just sucks, man, God blessed nobody was hurt,” the rapper said, adding, “When somebody takes something that you’re working on, and everybody’s in a good mood and it just disappears, it just kinda fucks up your day.”

The musician has since set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for the costs involved in making the video again, which includes the insurance deductible to replace the equipment. Thus far, supporters have given over $8,000, surpassing the artist’s original goal of $7,500.

[ KTVU ]

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