Snapchat video shows kids using stun gun on kitten (VIDEO)

Authorities in Nassau County, Florida, have launched an investigation after a video surfaced on Snapchat showing a couple of kids using a stun gun on a kitten as a third person laughs in the background while recording the act.

“It’s not a game. Animal cruelty is not a game,” said neighborhood resident Michele Higham, who was visibly upset.

Nassau County Animal Services were given the video Thursday.

County Commissioner Justin Taylor called it “cruel” to see a harmless animal treated in such a way, but Higham had another question after seeing the video.

“Who was standing there videoing this? That’s the other question. Who would allow children to do this and think it’s funny?” questioned Higham, who noted that both the physical and mental damage has already been done to the cat.

Authorities have identified the neighborhood where the incident occurred and have been driving through the area in an attempt to find those involved.

“Hopefully they’ll be able to locate them and charge them with animal cruelty,” said Nassau County Animal Services Director Timothy Maguire.

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