The unlikely range bag with power (PHOTOS)

TYLT's Energi Pro bag at the range (Photos: J. Curtis Morgan)

TYLT’s Energi Pro bag at the range (Photos: J. Curtis Morgan)

The Energi Pro bag was never designed with the range in mind, nor was it created to carry guns. Any bag can carry your shooting gear, really, but the Energi Pro offers a little bit more versatility. It’s got plenty of pockets and a 20,100 mAh battery to recharge your gadgets after a day of shooting at the range or out in the sticks.

Strategically-placed guidance straps and pass-through holes channel wires from the side zippered battery pocket to charge your devices in neighboring compartments.

While the Energi Pro isn’t a range bag, TYLT, the company that created it, is working on a powered bag tailored to gun owners.

“It’s my mission to create a line of tactical bags that are powered in a meaningful way for this space,” Amir Parstabar, chief communications officer for TYLT, told “I don’t want to just stick a battery in a bag that is a knockoff of an existing bag. I would not have our brand enter this space unless we are introducing an added value and improvement to what’s already out there.”

Even without its hefty battery, which can charge three devices, including a USB-C laptop, the Energi Pro is a good bag. It includes a small, removable, zippered pouch that you can stash several magazines and ammo in. The padded laptop compartment opens 180 degrees after detaching velcro flaps on either side. The compartment includes an additional mesh liner for a tablet, scorecards or paper targets.       

The top of the bag has a fleece-lined pocket to keep your sunglasses safe and a hidden pocket with RFID protection. There’s an outer pocket at the front of the bag that closes using magnets. This should keep whatever you put in there fairly secure, while allowing you to retrieve it very easily.

On the side opposite the battery pocket is a zippered flap that reveals a mesh bottle holder.

The shoulder straps are overstuffed and comfortable and include a sternum strap that can be adjusted vertically and also removed. There are also triangular pads where the straps meet the top of the bag, which is meant to relieve some of the stress put on your upper trapezius muscle near the neck. The left hip pad below includes a small pocket.

A trolley pocket on the rear of the Energi Pro allows you to slip it onto a suitcase for easy travel.

The Energi Pro is made from grey 600D snow grain polyester with 210D water-resistant lining and has stainless steel zippers. A one-year limited warranty can be extended to two years by registering the bag at TYLT’s website.   

Critics of the bag would point out how front heavy it is, causing it to fall forward when set down. They may also complain about the $150 price tag, but this could be small gripes when considering some comparable power banks cost upwards of $100.











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