Canada: That place where you can get $400 Norinco M14s (VIDEO)

Canadian gun vlogger MikeTheVike shows off an easy-to-find .308 rifle in the Great North:  A Norinco semi-auto M14 clone.

Sold as the Norinco M305 in Mr. Trudeau’s land of the maples, Mike says the gun is readily available for about $500 Canadian, which is something like $390 U.S. at the current exchange rate, which makes us very sad. Back in the old days (the late 1980s) Polytech/Norinco M14/S models were shipped to the states and were pretty popular, but with the importation pipeline severed, the price point of these guns have gone into the four-digit range on the collector’s market.

They don’t have the best fit and finish, but as very polite Mike explains, it’s a functional rifle and even has a “flippy thing” (!) on the butt.

Bad news though, they are only sold with 5-shot mags in Canada– though word on the street is that 10-round Australian A1A Enfield mags, another common thing there, also fit the magwell.

Canadian problems.

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