Hours-long standoff ends after suspect’s gun jams (VIDEO)

An intense standoff with an armed suspect in the middle of an Orlando intersection Wednesday morning finally came to an end after the suspect’s gun jammed, giving officers a chance to make their move.

The suspect was identified as Stephanos Carellas, 22, but authorities have not said what prompted the man to engage in a standoff with police. Authorities did, however, say he appeared to be disoriented and hallucinating when he was arrested.

Witnesses say the incident unfolded just before 8 a.m. when Carellas drove to the intersection and started pointing his gun at people and firing rounds into the air. Officers arrived moments after multiple calls to 911 were placed, but Carellas refused to cooperate with authorities so SWAT was called in.

“We did not want him to go mobile in this situation,” said Deputy Chief Robert Anzueto.

A couple of hours into the standoff, officers realized Carellas’ gun was jammed, and that’s when they made their move which included the use of bean bags and gas. Carellas was arrested and officers found four bullets remaining in the magazine of his gun.

Anzueto noted he was pleased the situation was handled without the use of lethal force even though such force likely would have been justified in that situation.

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