Indiana officer shot 14 times while responding to car crash (VIDEO)


A 28-year-old man is facing murder charges for the fatal and unprovoked shooting of an Indiana police officer who was responding to a car crash last week in Southport.

Authorities do not have a motive for the July 27 shooting at this time.

According to witnesses, including multiple passengers in the vehicle, Jason Brown began driving his blue BMW at a high rate of speed, eventually hitting a curb, flipping his car upside down and onto a residential lawn.

Major C.T. Bowman arrived on the scene within moments of the crash and called for backup. Soon thereafter, Southport Police Lieutenant Aaron Allan arrived on the scene as well. At that time, multiple passengers had gotten out of the vehicle, but Brown, who was driving, was still trapped inside and described by Bowman as “hysterical.”

As Allan attempted to offer assistance to both Brown and the passengers, Brown, without warning, opened fire, striking Allan multiple times. Allan then apparently attempted to crawl to safety, as Brown continued to fire additional rounds.

Bowman and another off-duty officer on the scene returned fire, striking Brown, who survived.

Altogether, Allan was struck 14 times. He was rushed to the hospital and, despite efforts to save him, Allan was pronounced dead at 3:25 p.m.

Police recovered a Springfield XDM-9 pistol with an empty 20-round magazine. They also found a one-quart bag containing 13 smaller bags of marijuana.

Brown was charged with felony murder Tuesday, as well as a misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana.

Neither investigators or Brown’s acquaintances know why he opened fire on Allan.

[ ABC News ]

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