Telegraph recovered from 100-year-old Lusitania wreckage

Lusitania telegraph

Last week, divers recovered a telegraph machine from the wreckage of the RMS Lusitania off the coast of Ireland.

Previous attempts – including one last year – to recover the telegraph have been unsuccessful.

The bronze artifact is said to be “undamaged and in excellent condition,” and will undergo conservation before it makes its permanent home at a local museum in Ireland. Heather Humphreys, Ireland’s minister for culture, heritage and the Gaeltacht, called it “great news for the local community.”

The Lusitania, which held the title for the world’s largest ship at the time of her maiden voyage in 1907, was involved in one of the most infamous maritime disasters. Nearly 2,000 people were killed, including 128 Americans, when the ship sank in just 18 minutes after being struck by a German torpedo in 1915.

Although there remains a great deal of controversy and conspiracy around the attack on the Lusitania, the event was instrumental in pushing the United States’ involvement in World War I.

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