STI International launches soft-side zip case for handguns

The padded case from STI aims to offer protection on the go. (Photo: STI)

The padded case from STI is oil, grease and abrasion resistant. (Photo: STI)

STI International offers more protection for handguns headed to the range, introducing a new padded case designed to keep gun cargo safe on the go.

STI says its new padded case is constructed of soft, durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is oil, grease and abrasion resistant. STI’s handgun case comes in a telescoping box coated in soft touch laminate.

(Photo: STI)

The case comes with retention straps to secure a handgun and spare mag. (Photo: STI)

Seamless and RF welded, the pistol case also features a water-resistant zipper and an interior that is lined with velcro to make securing firearms and accessories easy and efficient. The case boasts separate retention straps for both a pistol and a spare magazine adding a little organization in addition to protection on range days.

The Soft Side Pistol Case is built to accommodate all STI 1911 and 2011 model pistols in addition to handgun models from other gun manufacturers.

The case is currently available through STI International’s online store with a price tag of $49.99.

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