Meet the covert 1980s Kalashnikov briefcase edition (VIDEO)

On the outside, it just looks like a clunky plastic attache case that your average Moscow copy machine repairman would carry. Inside, it’s full-time rock and roll.

As shown off in the above clip from the Kalashnikov Concern, the operational briefcase is similar to the ones developed by HK in the 1970s but swaps out an AKS-74U for an MP5. Termed the “Eskort” (эскорт), it was used by the KGB for close-protection and for security at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. While it can’t be fired from inside the case like the HK version, the Kalash model brings a lot more spice than 9mm to the party and seems like it can deploy pretty fast.

It has been reportedly replaced by something else, which is still under wraps.

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