Man claims self-defense after pulling gun in road rage incident (VIDEO)

A Texas driver who was caught on video pulling a gun on a fellow motorist turned himself in to authorities Monday afternoon after the video made its rounds on the internet.

The road rage incident happened in Lancaster on Friday, with the man now claiming he acted in self-defense because he thought the woman’s cell phone was a weapon.

Victoria Best said the incident started as she was on her way to work and the man in front of her started breaking repeatedly.

“It was like he was trying to cause a rear-end accident,” Best said. “That was what made me pick up my phone and start recording.”

Best said she passed the man, but it wasn’t until after she got to work and called the police that she realized he had a gun trained on her as she drove by.

“The officer asked me if I could make out a license plate,” Best recalled. “I got to looking through the video and pausing and pausing – I get to a point where I pause and I look and he’s just pointing a gun at me.”

Best said at first she was struck with shock, then she just started to cry, but after that, she took to social media and shared the video in hopes of identifying the man.

It’s unclear what – if any – charges the man will face, but the investigation is ongoing.

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