White House national reciprocity petition garners 18K signatures

A We the People petition urging President Trump to light a fire under Congress on national concealed carry legislation is slowing gaining ground.

Started last month and backed by regional gun rights groups, the petition calls out the President in the first line before urging action on H.R. 38, a House measure that has the backing of 207 lawmakers and is one of the most-viewed bills in Congress but is not scheduled for a committee hearing.

“Mr. President, you have said many times that you would sign a national concealed carry reciprocity bill,” begins the petition. “Please urge Congress to pass H.R. 38 as soon as possible!”

With just under 18,000 signatures, the petition needs another 82,000 to earn a response from the White House and has to reach that goal by midnight on Aug. 17.

“H.R. 38 will allow America’s 17 million concealed handgun permit holders to carry in every state in the Union as they go about their lives,” says the petition.

Earlier this year a petition to repeal the National Firearms Act met its 100K goal under a week and at the end topped a quarter-million endorsements while one to “Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment,” the law which bans new production of machine guns for civilians, picked up 97,837 signatures.

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