Woman fatally shot by police in southeast Michigan

A 36-year-old woman was shot and killed Friday after confronting police officers and border patrol agents with a gun in Marine City, Michigan.

The Times Herald reported the woman has been identified as Melissa Wiseman. Officers found the woman sitting in her vehicle Friday night when she got out and confronted them with a firearm. Wiseman was then shot by a Marine City Police officer and pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Wiseman, formerly Melissa Latham, was a founder of Blue Water Families against Narcotics, an organization that provides education and support for those addicted to drugs and their families. Wiseman admittedly battled addiction herself before becoming a certified advanced drug and alcohol counselor.

Pastor Howard Colby — who has known Wiseman since she was a child, helped counsel her during her drug addiction, and co-founded the local FAN chapter with her — said he would be performing the funeral on Friday at Colonial Woods Missionary Church in Port Huron after a Thursday FAN meeting held in her honor. He indicated Wiseman had recently relapsed after several years of sobriety.

“From 2007 to just recently, the last couple of months, she helped hundreds of people and touched hundreds of lives. Then something happened. And again, we may never really know completely,” Colby said.

“Sometimes you can help people a lot but you can’t help yourself,” he added.

The Marine City Police Department has requested that the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department handle the investigation into the shooting.

St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said it was typical for an outside department to investigate these types of shootings. The officer who shot Wiseman was put on administrative leave for the remainder of the investigation.

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