Very controllable full-auto AR-10 machine gun (VIDEO 4K)

Jared LaMarche, of Windsor Arms Co., showcased the company’s AR-10 machine gun at the Green Mountain Boys machine gun shoot in Eden, Vermont, recently.

Windsor Arms Co. is a Class 3 manufacturer that takes good guns, and makes them better. In this case, they took a semi-automatic Palmetto State Armory PA-10 and turned it into a select-fire machine gun capable of firing approximately 800 rounds per minute.

“You don’t want a higher rate of fire out of a box fed magazine because it will out-run the magazine,” said LaMarche.

They gun ran flawlessly at the shoot. If you watch it in slow motion in the video, it’s extremely solid as it throws 150-grain bullets at 2,820 feet per second. A very efficient muzzle break allows the rifle to be extremely controllable.

Windsor Arms added some Magpul furniture and shortened the barrel. It got a lot of attention at the machine gun shoot in July.

“It’s one of our crowd pleasers,” said LaMarche. “This thing is really loud and has a lot of concussion. Everyone stops what they’re doing when we start shooting.”

Windsor Arms Co. is located in nearby Windsor and manufactures, fixes and modifies guns.

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