Oregon cops kill charging goat (VIDEO)


A call to police about escaped goats in Portland ended in one animal’s death on Sunday, but the goat’s owner said the animal was not aggressive and the situation could have been handled better.

“Goats are escape artists,” Matt Minnick told reporters. “And I’m the farmer. I see this as partly my fault because I didn’t keep a closer eye on my perimeter.”

Minnick said his $1,200 male breeding goat, Volt, escaped into a nearby housing development through a hole in a fence at the outside of his property.

Volt and the other animals were corralled by Washington County sheriff’s deputies and soon thereafter, Minnick was called to the location. However, he didn’t expect to see his prized goat bleeding.

“And they say, ‘yeah, it was either me or the goat’ and I said, ‘Man, there are 7-year-old kids that deal with these goats. Infants that deal with these,'” Minnick recalled.

But according to the police report, the deputies became fearful after witnessing Volt ram a tree numerous times before turning towards the deputies. And when the goat – with his 18-inch horns – charges at the deputies, two of them fired four rounds, killing the animal.

Now Minnick plans to file a claim for damages and start searching for a new goat.

[ KPTV ]

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