Just a revolver stuck in a piece of concrete on a Wichita road

gun concrete

What appears to be an old revolver embedded in the concrete of a Wichita road has left residents with a real-life mystery. The revolver was recently discovered on Circle Drive, but nobody has a clue how long it’s been there or even how it came to be embedded in the concrete in the first place.

According to reports from The Wichita Eagle, local gun enthusiasts say – based on the amount of deterioration – the gun is likely from the early 1900s, more specifically the 1940s. Guesses on the type of gun, however, range from a single action revolver to a kid’s cap gun.

But it’s still a mystery how – or when – the gun got there.

Reggie Perez from Wichita’s Public Works & Utilities Street Maintenance said the last improvements made to the road were done in 2005. But to further complicate the mystery, the gun was found in a single block of concrete surrounded by bricks. According to Perez, when the bricks in the road turn up missing or damaged, road maintenance crews simply fill in those places with concrete.

[ The Wichita Eagle ]

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