MantisX puts performance stats at shooters’ fingertips

The MantisX mounted on the Springfield XD-M's accessory rail. (Photo: Mantis)

The MantisX mounted on the Springfield XD-M’s accessory rail. (Photo: Mantis)

The MantisX system aims to elevate shooters’ skills on the range, offering users a glimpse into how they shoot and what they can do to improve.

The system consists of a smart sensor that attaches to a firearm’s accessory rail. The sensor works whether shooters are conducting live fire or dry fire drills or shooting airsoft or CO2. Once the sensor is installed, users download the corresponding app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store and pair the device via Bluetooth. Once the MantisX is paired with the smartphone, shooters can fire away while the sensor collects, evaluates and stores data relating to performance.

In addition to collecting data, the MantisX setup offers feedback to help shooters improve their skills. As shots are fired, each one is scored depending on how far the shooter moved away from the sighted position during the trigger pull. For each shot, the setup detects the direction of the barrel’s movement, providing information via a displayed wheel that illustrates where the shooter tends to drift. MantisX then analyzes individual shots or groups and offer suggestions on how the user can improve shooting mechanics.

The training bundle ships with one smart sensor and a micro-USB charging cable. The system comes with a 45 day money back guarantee as well as a one year limited warranty.

The MantisX can be purchase online and carries a price of $149.99.

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