Atlanta officer challenges anti-cop gym owner to friendly boxing match (VIDEO)

In response to an Atlanta gym’s no cop, no military policy, one local police officer has challenged the gym owner to a match in the ring.

“He seems like he might enjoy getting the opportunity to punch a cop in the face and I’d be happy to oblige him and give him that opportunity,” said officer Tommy Lefever.

But it isn’t just about drawing blood.

“I found, you sweat, you bleed with somebody, you exchange punches with somebody in a sport like boxing, it’s hard not to respect the guy for getting in there with you afterwards,” Lefever noted.

Currently, the offer remains on the table, as the gym owner, Jim Chambers, has neither accepted or declined.

Chambers said the policy has been in place since he opened and it’s there to protect gym members, most of who are minorities and uncomfortable around law enforcement. Lefever, however, believes that stepping in the ring could be a move toward bridging the gap.

“Gaining mutual respect for one another in the boxing ring might be the start of something that can help overcome differences in world view, ideology, what have you,” Lefever said.

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