Testing out the WWII-era Sauer 38H pistol (VIDEO)

Tim with the Military Arms Channel laid hands on a vintage J. P. Sauer & Sohn semi-auto that went on to contribute a number of ideas to better-known designs today.

While about 200,000 of these handy blowback-action pistols were produced just before and during World War II, it carved a niche out in firearms history due to the fact that it was the first commercial handgun with a safety/decock lever– a feature common today on Sig’s P-series guns and others.

Produced in .25 and .380., Tim’s example is chambered in .32ACP, which was the model most commonly issued in German military and police service.

Kind of a neat gun, especially when compared side-by-side with a modern Sig. Speaking of Sig, check out the shirt and let the irony wash over you.

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