You got AK74 in my Luger: 2 great tastes that taste weird together (VIDEO)

German firearms wonk Herbert Werle upped his “Kalaschnikow Luger” game by crafting a new gun from a small Luger carbine and an AK74.

Hailing from Dudenhofen, Waffen-Werle produces any number of custom Garands and Lugers and in the past crafted a full-auto toggle-action AK47/Luger mash-up fed from a 32-round snail drum. His latest variant takes a standard 9mm Luger Frankensteined with components of a well-used AKS-74U to produce what seems like an easy shooting carbine.

Below is the gun during the testing process. It’s kinda sketchy looking, but it works. Also, those Trommel mags look like a bitch to load.

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