Tyrant Designs CNC officially launches new HALO AR HandStop

The HALO (Photo: Tyrant Designs)

The HALO AR HandStop features a skeletonized look that doubles as a barricade stop. (Photo: Tyrant Designs CNC)

Tyrant Designs CNC expands its series of aftermarket AR parts, releasing the new HALO AR HandStop for rifle shooters looking to add a little flare to their builds.

Machined from aerospace grade aluminum, the handstops are finished in hardcoat black, red, grey and blue. The parts fit directly onto M-LOK and KeyMod handguards utilizing the same technology employed on the company’s foregrips. This tech allows operators to use the HandStop on both KeyMod and M-LOK platforms.

The HALO is offered in several colors, including blue. (Photo: Tyrant Designs)

The handstop is offered in several colors, including blue. (Photo: Tyrant Designs CNC)

The lightweight, skeletonized handstop can be used to improve target acquisition and as a forward stop to keep hands away from hot muzzles. Additionally, the company says the handstop doubles as a barricade stop.

“After the success of our AR-15 vertical grip, we are very excited to release our new HALO Series AR HandStop,” the company said in a press release. “We only hope that our customers enjoy it as much as the (vertical foregrip). We plan on growing out the HALO Series even more with a new AR pistol grip coming soon!”

The KeyMod and M-LOK compatible HALO retails from Tyrant for $42.95 while the combination M-LOK+Keymod is up for grabs for $44.95.

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