Angered over broken ice cream machine, man pulls gun in McDonald’s drive-thru

Jerry Alexander Henry

Jerry Alexander Henry (Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)

A 19-year-old Florida man is facing charges after he apparently pulled a gun in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Delray Beach last week after becoming angry because the restaurant’s ice cream machine was broken.

It turned out that the AR-15 look-alike was actually an airsoft rifle, but authorities said it looked very real. Jerry Alexander Henry now faces improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm for the stunt.

Authorities say Henry was with a friend when the duo pulled in for ice cream only to learn the ice cream machine was out of order. Henry got angry at the drive-thru worker before his friend told him to grab the “stick” from the trunk. Henry got the gun, which sent the worker fleeing to the bathroom for safety while calling 911.

Security cameras caught the incident on video and showed a vehicle behind Henry’s quickly reverse out of the drive-thru when Henry pulled the rifle from the trunk.

Henry was arrested but has since been released on bond.

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