It's an automatic revolver: The weird Webley-Fosbery (VIDEOS)

Ian with Forgotten Weapons goes deep into the quirky labyrinth that is British Army Col. George Fosbery and his .455-caliber Model 1901 automatic revolver.

The recoil-activated revolver was designed in 1895 before there were a lot of decent semi-auto pistols and combined attributes of both. Fosbery licensed the idea to Webley who worked out a production variant after some tweaks from in-house engineer William Whiting in 1901 then started marketing them in the Edwardian-era, with some heading to the trenches in the Great War.

Fast to reload due to the Webley’s break action, especially when using early moon clips or Prideaux speedloaders, they could no doubt bring the heat to break up a German attack from across No Man’s Land– provided it was kept clean enough to prevent the zig-zag cylinder grooves from filling with mud.

But you want to see it shoot, don’t you? The below has you covered.

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